ANHEUKG Unisex Swim Training Ergo Ear Plugs

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Contoured shape provides a perfect fit
Specialized shapes minimize leakage
Lightweight, soft and comfortable
Easy insertion and removal
Care box included

3 reviews for ANHEUKG Unisex Swim Training Ergo Ear Plugs

  1. Faithe Alsop(p)

    As a surfer who has had multiple eardrum perforations, I’ve been trying out just about every inexpensive ear plug I can find. I’d pretty much settled for Doc’s pro plugs, but wasn’t entirely happy with them; when the waves are big I still feel a lot of pressure on big wipe out and the plugs could even fall out. In comparison, these are a revelation! I tried them out during a recent run of surf and couldn’t be more happy with them! They still let me hear fairly well, are extremely comfortable, and limited pressure on my ear drums during even the biggest slams. Yew!

  2. Miles Raglan

    When going through open water dive course it says do not wear ear plugs but, I was having problems equalizing and after my second weekend of diving my ears hurt so bad I was wondering if I should keep going then I came across these little gems. I used them for 5 dives back to back this weekend and didn’t have a single problem at all! My ear now stay dry and equalize without even trying. I don’t think I will ever go diving again without them!

  3. Stephanie Doris

    I was skeptical that these would have any significant affect at all…. turns out they do exactly as advertised. They’re very soft, comfortable, and secure, I wasn’t worried about them falling out while diving. I typically have difficulty equalizing, especially after the first dive, I normally have to descend at a much slower rate than others. Not anymore! It seems like these plugs act as a buffer, slowing the rate that felt pressure increases while descending. Wish I tried these sooner.

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